Our vision 

At Mindmaps Wellbeing, our vision is for all organizations to have access to training which addresses the needs of their staff and customers, to provide mental health awareness and continued support & guidance services beyond. To achieve this we offer a range of mental health related training and consultancy services to ensure employers are mental health aware in every aspect of their business.  
We seek to challenge stigma and discrimination in the workplace related to mental health issues. Encouraging employers to create an open, and supportive culture. Evidence shows that staff feel more confident discussing their mental health among their peers and with their employer once they have received some training & understanding of the changing culture. The main aim is to ensure that your workforce feel supported.  
Supported, happy staff are the most productive staff.  
If your organisation doesn't have one in place we are able to offer a choice from two levels of Employee Assistance Programmes. Contact us for full details. 
We have some fantastic new services recently made available, to address workplace mental wellbeing. The in-house drop in clinic has been a real winner with our customers, our registered mental health nurses visit your workplace for half a day to offer a variety of services including; 1 to 1 confidential support, bite size training, support and guidance for the mental health first aiders. The session has been used to include a guest speaker or a yoga session. The flexibility of the session is what our customers are enjoying most. It's recommended to run the drop in clinic on a regular basis, either quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly sessions.  
We have also introduced a return to work assessment programme to assist employers in addressing the mental wellbeing of their workforce.  
Earlier in 2019 we introduced our own employee assistance programme offering clinical support when it is needed. With our mental health nurses we are able to provide access to a specialized team to complete an initial assessment and treatment programme should it be required.  
We are working closely with our wellbeing partners (New page coming very soon on our website for you with lots of exciting information) to offer additional wellbeing beyond our training and support programme. 

NEW MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS FOR THE WORKPLACE e-LEARNING & Virtual Half Day Awareness Training is now available. Contact us on 01803 659566 to learn more.  

What makes us different? 

We only specialize in mental health training in the workplace. All our trainers are highly experienced mental health professionals with extensive knowledge in mental health. This stands us apart from other providers of mental health training, as our trainers are all experts in this field.  
Our trainers are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council or HCPC as Mental Health professionals and educators and they have extensive experience of delivering a broad range of mental health related training. 

Who are we for? 

We believe that all employers should take the mental wellbeing of their staff and customers seriously. To ensure this, it is important that employers and employees are aware of mental health matters and the impact this can have in the workplace. We feel that to encourage employees to be open about their mental health needs, makes for a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.  
A culture within organizations which adopts this approach to mental health awareness enables employers to support their staff effectively, reducing absences, presenteeism and recruitment costs. 

Whole organisation approach 

A cultural change to promote mental health in the workplace is necessary to improve the outcomes for everyone who is experiencing mental health issues. A whole organisation approach to this ensures that managers, policies and procedures are suitable to support the needs of those who require support.  
We also offer our "Bridging The Gap" service to all of our customers who take a Whole Organisation Approach to supporting mental wellbeing. This is our unique Employee Assistance Programme which ensures employees have quick access to a mental health professional when they need it most. This service can be tailored to suit your organizational needs; to include personal and organizational consultancy, care planning, signposting and additional on-going support options. This means employees get the help they need as soon as possible and can assist recovery in a mental health crisis. 

Bespoke training in your workplace 

Our aim is to support total mental wellbeing in the workplace. We recognise that your needs may be more specific and so we can provide a variety of services to develop bespoke mental health training and organizational culture for your workforce to suit your needs and to suitably equip employers to support their staff. We provide a consultancy service which can review organizational policies and practices to ensure that mental health is equally supported by employers, in the same way physical health is. 
This includes a whole organisation review of workplace support and training needs and a package of training will be developed to suit your individual business needs. This allows for a tailored package of training to be arranged which meets the specific needs of your organisation and helps to reduce the overall cost of training your staff and enhancing the supportive culture around mental wellbeing in the workplace. 


We provide training that is accredited  
by MHFA England and The Royal  
Society for Public Health 
Our trainers are fully registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and hold Professional indemnity and liability insurance. 
All our trainers are experienced mental health professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in delivering health related training. 
We ensure all our training is delivered to a high standard through keeping up to date with the latest best practice in supporting mental health in the workplace. 
We also ask all attendees to provide feedback on the training received to continually review and develop our training options. 
We ensure all our training is delivered to a high standard through keeping up to date with the latest best practice in supporting mental health in the workplace. 
We also ask all attendees to provide feedback on the training received to continually review and develop our training options. 
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