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At Mindmaps Wellbeing, our vision is for all organizations to have access to training which addresses the needs of their staff and customers, to provide mental health awareness and continued support & guidance services beyond. To achieve this we offer a range of mental health related training and consultancy services to ensure employers are mental health aware in every aspect of their business. 
We seek to challenge stigma and discrimination in the workplace related to mental health issues. Encouraging employers to create an open, and supportive culture. Evidence shows that staff feel more confident discussing their mental health among their peers and with their employer once they have received some training & understanding of the changing culture. The main aim is to ensure that your workforce feel supported. 
Supported, happy staff are the most productive staff. 
If your organisation doesn't have one in place we are able to offer a choice from two levels of Employee Assistance Programmes. Contact us for full details. 
We have some fantastic new services recently made available, to address workplace mental wellbeing. The in-house drop in clinic has been a real winner with our customers, our registered mental health nurses visit your workplace for half a day to offer a variety of services including; 1 to 1 confidential support, bite size training, support and guidance for the mental health first aiders. The session has been used to include a guest speaker or a yoga session. The flexibility of the session is what our customers are enjoying most. It's recommended to run the drop in clinic on a regular basis, either quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly sessions. 
We have also introduced a return to work assessment programme to assist employers in addressing the mental wellbeing of their workforce. 
Earlier in 2019 we introduced our own employee assistance programme offering clinical support when it is needed. With our mental health nurses we are able to provide access to a specialized team to complete an initial assessment and treatment programme should it be required. 
We are working closely with our wellbeing partners (New page coming very soon on our website for you with lots of exciting information) to offer additional wellbeing beyond our training and support programme. 

Managing Director  Tim Lloyd - RMN, BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing, BSc (Hons) Psychology, Postgraduate in Healthcare Education, Mental Health First Aid Instructor. 

Tim is a registered Mental Health Nurse and our Lead trainer. He has worked in mental health for 18 years, most recently as a Practice Educator, which involved overseeing key areas of workforce development within the NHS, to include providing training for pre-registration nursing students, apprenticeships and support staff development programs. Tim regularly provided mental health focused training, workshops and seminars to staff at all levels across the NHS, including basic awareness and more specific areas of skills and knowledge relating to clinical practise. He is a skilled coach and mentor and is enthusiastic about the development of understanding mental health in others. 
Tim is also currently an Associate Lecturer and Practice Tutor with the Open University, supporting pre-registration mental health nurses throughout their degree programme as well as mentoring other Associate Lecturers. 
Tim is highly experienced in delivering training in a variety of formats and settings. He has in-depth knowledge and experience in several key areas of mental health training, including common mental health problems, anxiety and depression, dementia, suicide awareness, psychosis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, recovery and Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). 
Tim is qualified as an MHFA instructor and is experienced in delivering Mental Health First Aid courses to a variety of stakeholders, whilst drawing on his 18 years of clinical experience in mental health to expand and enhance the learning outcomes.  
Tim graduated from University of Plymouth with a BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing degree in 2010, where he was awarded first class honours. Prior to this, he completed a BSc (Hons) in Psychology through The Open University. He has also completed postgraduate studies in Healthcare Education with University of Suffolk, which entitles him to recognition as a Practice Teacher with the NMC and as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (fHEA). 
In clinical practice, Tim has significant experience of providing psycho-social interventions both 1-1 and in groups, in a variety of settings and mental health issues. He has training and experience in providing clinical interventions in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with psychosis, depression and anxiety, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for emotional resilience, Mindfulness, Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Anger Management and Family Interventions. Tim holds an excellent knowledge of current mental health services and systems, with knowledge of support networks and opportunities available and of relevant legislation pertinent to mental health care, disability and equality. Tim is trained to Level 3 in Safeguarding Adults and Children and has significant experience of being involved in safeguarding related matters. 
In Tim's career to date he has striven to enhance the developmental opportunities of all around him. He is keen on service development which improves the quality of care provided and this has led to several improvement initiatives within his roles for both clinical health care practice positions and in practice development and education. Tim has supported local Universities to assess students for admission interviews and end point assessments. Tim has also led on and delivered training trust-wide for NMC re-validation, Assistant Practitioner training and mental health awareness training for physical health professionals. 
Tim harbours a keen interest in the development of unregistered staff and he has also spearheaded a “Support Worker Steering Group” across South and West Devon adult community teams during previous roles. Tim also facilitated support for staff completing The Care Certificate and QCF Level 3 in Health and Social Care. 
Whilst a support worker himself, in 2005 Tim attended an International study tour of services in Trieste, Italy, as part of the Care Services Improvement Partnership (CSIP) initiative. In 2010, Tim was the individual winner of the DPT Celebrating Achievement Award for “Developing Potential” in light of his hard work and enthusiasm for supporting others to develop, both staff and service users, and to recognise their potential. 
Our belief at Mindmaps Wellbeing is there's not a better suited person to deliver your mental heath related training courses. Not only this, but Tim can also offer a bespoke look at your organisation to ensure compliance is being met and advise on best practices regarding mental health support in the workplace, as well as consultations to support staff who have sought help. LinkedIn Profile  

Operations Director  Michael Harrison-Hastings - Mental Health First Aider, 'A' level Sociology, AGNVQ Health & Social Care, Level 3 Psychology & Law  

Michael is an experienced sales, operations and business development professional with a demonstrated and award winning history working in the hospitality, health wellness and fitness industries. Michael is skilled in operations management, customer relationship management, sales management, and project management.  
Michael is pleased to be able to use his professional and personal experiences to assist with bringing change to our communities and workplaces by campaigning for bringing mental health awareness to all... having experienced mental health problems himself and within his own family, he has an understanding of how disruptive mental ill health can be on the life of not just an individual; but also of those around the person experiencing the mental health issue. His previous study also demonstrates there has always been an interest towards sociology, psychology and care, however the stars never quite aligned and, for one reason or another, he never managed to pursue this area of interest. 
That all changed, having completed the Adult MHFA Two Day course, when he decided to follow this calling in partnership with Tim. Their shared vision is to ensure every organisation has a mental health awareness programme in place and at least one Mental Health First Aider in the same way we do for Physical First Aid. More importantly to create an awareness within the workplace that it is ok to talk about mental ill health. Michael brings his valued skills aimed around customer care and attention to detail, to ensure any experience with Mindmaps Wellbeing is an enjoyable one and Tim is delighted to have him on board. 
Michael, along with the directors who he worked closely with in his previous role, won many industry awards for their work, including having the fastest growing outlet across Europe in 2016. The Devon branch led by Michael finished 2nd in the UK and 5th across Europe as an outlet during 2018. They also went on to win the European Retailer of The Year Award 2018. Michael and the team won numerous other industry specific awards during his time in post. 
Michael will be looking after all your logistical needs and administrative details to ensure your experience of training with Mindmaps Wellbeing is a pleasant and seamless one. If you have any special requirements to attend one of our courses please contact Michael on the details at the bottom of the page and he will assist with your requirements. LinkedIn Profile  

Other trainers  

We occasionally draw upon a small group of support trainers to assist in the delivery of our courses as needed. We ensure that all trainers are highly skilled mental health professionals with extensive experience of clinical practice and teaching in health care settings. 
If you are an experienced mental health professional and wish to support our work at Mindmaps Wellbeing, please get in touch to discuss opportunities we have for skilled pracitioners and trainers in mental health. 
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