You may have heard on the 14th of January a debate in Parliament for mental health first aid (MHFA) to be included in legislation the same way physical first aid is. All parties were in agreement that it should be so, but not just be a case of having a MHFAider in the workforce but to change the way mental health is viewed in the workplace. Change the thinking and ensure all staff are aware it is good to talk, more importantly safe to do so. The HSE updated some guidelines relating to mental health training with this new guidance in place it will support both the employer & employee. The Health and Safety Executive’s updated First Aid needs assessment & guidance now suggests that an employer may wish to appoint ‘mental health trained first aiders’ (MHFAider) as part of their first aid needs provision. Our guidance will help employers to understand how Mindmaps Wellbeing can provide those skills. HSE Updated guidelines 
It is suggested and a commonly heard stat that 1 in 4 of us will have or will be experiencing a mental health issue at any given time. Our thoughts are that mental ill health has had an effect on 4 in 4 of us as at some stage or another we have all had an experience where mental ill health has played its part don't you think? this is why at Mindmaps Wellbeing we believe that mental health training is so vital in todays' society. 
1 in 5 people have taken a day off work due to stress yet 90% feel unable to tell their employer that mental health is the reason for their absence. (YouGov Poll 2013) 
56% over half of UK employers would like to do more to improve staff wellbeing but do not feel they have the right training or guidance. (Mind 2014) 
I'm pleased to report since our business has started we have trained staff from all areas of the working world, here are some of the companies we have worked with and delivered one of our courses to; AC Landscapes & Treeworks; Yeovil Hospital NHS; Exeter University; Exeter College; Environment Agency; EDF Energy; TXM Plant; South Western Ambulance Service NHS Trust; Exeter City Futures; Quay Care; NPS South West; Future Industrial Industries; Browne Jacobson; Harpers Feeds; Charity Commission; Peer-Inside; Devon Partnership NHS Trust;  
I can't wait to share some news with you all, unfortunately the powers that be say I must wait just a little longer! While the finishing touches are being put together and agreed. What I can say is I believe this will be a great opportunity for many people and look forward to updating you all in the very near future of some exciting new training options with Mindmaps Wellbeing Ltd. 
We have been busily working with various events over the past couple of months and met some great people along the way! - with this we became involved with the Fast Track To Growth programme which we are please to announce we are 2019 Finalists for, along with 19 other local companies. We're very excited to be given this opportunity to work with some great businesses over the coming months and spread the word further of the importance in looking after your mental health and wellbeing.  
*NEWS FLASH* I'm excited to inform you Mindmaps Wellbeing are introducing e-learning to our training options to support mental health training for the workplace.  
We will be bringing out our initial Mental Health Awareness Course first and will be looking for the first TEN companies that sign up for the e-learning a discounted rate. All we would ask for in return is constructive honest feedback for the course. Sound fair? then contact to register your companies interest. This will really open the door to training multiple staff without leaving their workstation to complete it. Pricing will be in our bundle pack options: Between £7.50pp - £15pp dependant on the number of licences you are looking to purchase. (First TEN companies will automatically qualify for the a discounted rate).  
We believe this method will enable awareness of mental health in the workplace, and enable staff to help themselves and support each other in times of need. This course will also work towards losing the stigma associated with mental health. As we often find ourselves saying 'This subject effects us all 1 in 1 of us have mental health in the same way we have physical health, and will slide up and down the scale dependant on what life throws at us. 
All of our courses and most services are available for online delivery. As with all our training that we deliver this will be done by a registered mental health nurse with in depth knowledge and experience to draw from. They are fully interacitve courses for more information see our virtual training room course
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