Mental Health & Wellbeing for the Workplace is key today and is much more than booking a night out. Prospective employees will seek to find a place of work who show they do care for their staff and support them when they need it. We have a team of professionals to offer the very best support in the workplace where good wellbeing has proven to generate more productivity. We are your one stop shop as we can arrange all your needs directly using businesses with professionals at the front line delivering the very best support and training available. Each service is available to completment your training with us at Mindmaps Wellbeing then you can pick and mix which suits your needs the best from the companies below.    

David began his training career as an Officer with the RAF Volunteer Reserve where he maintains his affiliation with the Combined cadet force to this day. Helen developed a training ethos of gentle, fun, educational and practice-based learning which David continues to deliver. 
Devon First Aid offers quality training that can help you and your staff deal with any first aid emergencies. We offer FAIB approved first aid training courses that can be uniquely tailored to suit your workplace requirements. We provide a flexible, friendly training service delivered to a high standard and with minimum disruption to your business. We are monitored and approved by the First Aid Industry Body, to ensure the delivery of a high standard of training courses, that can be tailored to suit your workplace requirements. 
Charlotte King DFSH QTFE IHBC C&G 
Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a combination of a talking therapy and deep relaxation looking at what you want to achieve rather than focusing on the problem that may have prompted you to seek change, therefore the approach focuses on the present and future. 
I can help you with the treatment of Stress, Anxiety/Depression, Low Confidence, Insomnia, Weight loss and giving up Smoking and I am experienced with working with children and young people from age 7 years old and have a full DBS check. 
If you are stuck on the hamster wheel and fed up with negativity, feeling in a low mood and want more for yourself, your life and career… Let me help you find happiness, success, motivation and energy to enable you to get the sparkle back in your life. 
I'm Samantha Ahern, founder of health & wellbeing company 'Devon Mala Tree'. 'Mala' is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning 'garland' or 'gathering', a coming together, while the many branches of a tree are symbolic of the many paths a healing journey can take. I've been practising yoga for over fifteen years and it really is life changing; strengthening the body, quietening the mind and bringing you back to your true self even in the midst of life's most chaotic challenges. 
I offer yoga lessons as a 1 to 1, or to groups of any size. I'm also a qualified Reiki Master, working from my own treatment room in Totnes. Reiki is a totally natural and non-invasive energy healing 
system that can benefit everyone, from young babies to adults. As a holistic therapy, it works on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body, allowing for essential balance to be restored between the three, often resulting in a deep sense of relaxation, healing and nurturing. 
If you are interested in becoming a partner or are requiring further information on what you ahve already seen, then please fill in the enquiry form below. 
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